Who is Mountain Expertise?

I'm Kath James and I run Mountain Expertise, a guiding and instructional business based in North Wales.

I have 20 years of experience of working in the outdoor industry as an instructor and 12 years of that was spent at Plas y Brenin, the National Outdoor Centre. I have been working on Mountain Training qualification courses since 2006 and work as a trainer, assessor and course director on all levels of courses from Hill Skills to Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor courses. I have a background in attending training and assessments myself as a candidate - most when I was in my 20's and some more recently whilst juggling work and family life. I am interested in what helps people do well and progress on these pathways.

Why an online module?

For a while I have been wondering how to support people working towards assessment and realised that there are lots of folk out there who would really like to get some more information on how to prepare, how to know you are ready and how to deal with the pressure of assessment.

This module is a way to provide access to loads of candidates and offer them support at which ever stage they are on the mountain training qualifications path way.

I'm using my experience and observations of people going through the process, in conjunction with lots of reading and reflection to make suggestions of frameworks you can use to help yourself get ready for assessment.

Further training & support

Mountain Expertise can offer support in the form of further training or refresher courses, bespoke mentoring and preperation days for all Mountain Training qualifications. Please visit www.mountain-expertise.co.uk to find out more.

Kick start your MCI prep!

A weekend to get technical input, feedback and support with your action plan.

Get in contact for details

Email [email protected]

Kick start your ML prep!

A weekend to help support your ML preparation.

We will look at key areas of the syllabus that are harder to practise on your own. Logbook feedback and support with developing your action plan.

Email [email protected]

Kick start your RCI prep!

A weekend to kick start your prep. Looking at key areas of the syllabus, providing technical input and feedback. Logbook checks and support with your action plan.
Email [email protected]

MCI preparation

Bespoke MCI preparation to help you develop technical and decision making skills so that you are ready for assessment.

Email [email protected]

ML & HML preparation

Bespoke preparation for ML and HML assessments. Mock assessments or further training.
Email [email protected]

RCI & RCDI preparation

Bespoke preperation for RCI & RCDI trainees working towards assessment. Mock assessments or further training.

Email [email protected]

Winter ML preparation

Get some input on key skills - navigation, rope work, avalanche awareness, expedition skills. Or perhaps you'd like a mock assessment day to figure out where you are? Get in touch to discuss your requirements
Email [email protected]

WMCI preparation

Get input on key skills, feedback on where you are at or have any queations answered. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Email [email protected]

CPD for Mountain Training Professionals

I also run CPD workshops. Get in touch for more details or look on the Mountain Training website.

Email [email protected]